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Are you looking for a better way to eliminate mold, fungus and bacterial infection from your property? bioPURE Environmental can help.
We use a new technology, bio cleaning, that is more effective and more affordable than traditional mold remediation and infection control tactics. Bio cleaning combines safe, organic compounds with electrostatic charging to create microscopic biobubbles that provide the deepest and most thorough antimicrobial treatment available for your property.
Whether your home has mold, your restaurant has a fungus problem or your rehabilitation and recovery center has bacterial contamination, bioPURE has the bio cleaning solution to keep your space healthy and safe.

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bioPURE’s Process

How It Works
Bio cleaning harnesses the natural cleaning power of hydrogen and oxygen and the science of electrostatic charging to create microscopic biobubbles that can penetrate any crack or dip in any surface and the electrostatic charge make the bubbles “sticky” so they stay where they need to be until their work is done.
Why It’s Better
Tradition mold remediation and infection control treatments contain biocides, pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that not only contribute to global warming, but can also be harmful to your health. Bio cleaning uses none of those harmful chemicals, providing safe, natural sanitation.
Who Needs bioPURE
Did you know that basically every building in the state of South Carolina has mold and fungi? Residential, commercial and institutional are all impacted by bacterial infestation. bioPURE Environmental can help you identify what’s growing in your space and create an action plan to eliminate harmful molds, bacteria and fungi.

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The company showed up early, completed the work without messing up anything in the house. Additionally, the employees made sure they wore protective covering on boots while on hardwoood and carpet. I highly recommend Biopure.

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Really enjoyed getting this done. We have a young kid in daycare and we want to help fight any germ we possibly can. Very safe and pet friendly.

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Talked with me and explained what the biostatic spray did within my home. Spray made home smell great.

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